Kemi Jona with Wanda Ward, NSF Director France Cordova, Alan Leshner (AAAS), and Susan Renoe (NABI)
Kemi Jona with (L to R): Wanda Ward (NSF), NSF Director France Cordova, Alan Leshner (AAAS), and Susan Renoe (NABI)

I serve on a number of steering committees, advisory boards, and other organizations.  Through my work in both academic and private sector settings I am often asked to advise projects, groups, organizations, and public sector entities.

Some examples include:

  • Advisory Board, CryptoClub Afterschool and Online: Broad Implementation Project, NSF AISL, PI: Janet Bessinger, UChicago.
  • International Programme Committee, International Conference on Computational Thinking Education 2017 & 2018, Hong Kong.
  • International Program Committee, International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation (REV2017), New York.
  • Steering Committee (Leadership Circle), Learning Ecology Network of STEM in Evanston (LENSE), renamed EvanSTEM.
  • Advisory Board, Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning, Oregon State University
  • Steering Committee, National Alliance for Broader Impacts,
  • Governance Committee, Early College STEM Schools, Chicago Public Schools.
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee, Robyn Gabel, Illinois State Representative, 18th District
  • Steering Committee, Illinois Pathways R&D STEM Learning Exchange
  • External Advisory Board, University of Missouri Broader Impacts Network
  • Internet2 K20 Advisory Committee
  • Member, U.S. Department of Education Technical Working Group for the Evaluation of Effectiveness of Online Courses for Secondary Students, 2010
  • Advisory Local School Council Member and Founder, VOISE Academy, a Chicago Public Schools small high school using blended learning in the Austin neighborhood

More details on my expertise can be found using the drop down menus above and on the following pages: Learning Technology, STEM & STEAM Education, Higher Education Online and Blended Learning, and K-12 Online and Blended Learning.