Learning Technology

I am deeply committed to the transformation of education at all levels – K-12, undergraduate and graduate education, and beyond via the power of learning technologies. I have worked to build awareness of the limitations inherent in many current educational practices (often based on an outdated information-transmission model that results in passive rather than active learning) and to design, develop, and deliver new technologies and approaches that overcome these limitations. I am a strong advocate of creating student-centered learning environments that—by aligning with research in the cognitive and learning sciences—create more effective and efficient learning experiences for students. I am also passionate about the power of technology to transform educational practice and to make high quality learning experiences more inclusive, more accessible, more relevant, and more engaging to learners – especially to those that may not previously had access to them or those who have not had success within the traditional classroom model.

See the Projects page for a full list of learning technology projects I have worked on.

Below is a video that was produced as part of a Cyberlearning conference I organized several years ago that features some of the leaders in Cyberlearning field and my remote labs project:


One recent example of my work in learning technology (or cyberlearning) is my Remote Online Labs project (also called iLabs for Internet labs). The project has been supported by NSF and HP.  The current version of platform is iLabStudio.org.  To date over 12,000 users have run 16,000+ remote experiments using the platform.   I coauthored an overview here.  A recent summary video of the project prepared for a NSF video townhall is here.  Below is another older video of the project made for the HP Catalyst program that supported this work.