Higher Ed Online & Blended Learning

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Online and blended learning continues to transform higher education. A recent survey indicated that over 5M students in the US are taking one or more online courses. The COVID pandemic accelerated the adoption of online and blended learning, with virtually every institution looking to launch or expand their offerings.

As more providers enter the marketplace, differentiation becomes more critical than ever.  A reputation for providing high-quality, educationally-sound online learning experiences for students is among the most important factors in establishing a strong brand and reputation online.

I have helped develop online programs for Northeastern University, Columbia University, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and Northwestern University. I have also served on the Editorial Board of Distance Education: An International Journal since 1998, and was guest editor of a special issue on MOOCs.

My expertise is in designing online and blended curricula that students find engaging and relevant while providing a rigorous learning experience. I have also developed a unique design approach that provides the flexibility to offer the program either online or onsite using the same materials.

I can help advise your online or distance learning development team create compelling online and blended courses or design complete online master’s degree programs. Given the realities of higher education budgets, I can show you how to stretch your course development budget while maintaining quality.

Questions to ask yourself about your higher education online and blended programs:

  • Curriculum planning and design. Are you applying the latest research in adult learning to your online offerings?
  • Process and staffing. Not sure how best to organize and staff your online efforts?
  • Technology platforms. How do you build your content to take advantage of your LMS, but not get locked into it?