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How COVID changes can impact access and equity

This article summarizes a panel I participated in at the American Association of Colleges and Universities’ annual meeting where I shared our NSF funded work on virtual internships and discussed how that COVID-driven response continued to support increased access and equity. https://universitybusiness.com/four-college-stem-leaders-share-how-covid-changes-can-impact-access-and-equity/

Balancing Scaling and Positive Learning Impacts of Educational Technology

The purpose of introducing new technologies is to improve learning outcomes. There’s an argument to be made that things that are the easiest to adopt because they do not require changing normal practice are unlikely to improve learning outcomes significantly. Source: Balancing Widespread Use and Positive Learning Impacts of Educational […]

The “junk food” of educational technology

Unlike my previous complimentary post about Minecraft, I find this – and many other ed tech gamification tools – to be the ‘junk food’ of educational technology.  Sure, kids like it (just like they like french fries more than cooked veggies) and they get a lot more excited by it […]

What do we mean when we say, “Transformative learning experiences powered by technology”?

A very thoughtful piece by Joseph South, director of Office of Ed Tech at the US Education Department. Source: What do we mean when we say, “Transformative learning experiences powered by technology”? — Medium


Cyberlearning 2016 Conference

I will be attending Cyberlearning 2016: Designing for Deeper, Broader, and More Equitable Learning conference in Arlington, VA on Jan 25-26, 2016.   This event brings together a community of researchers and practitioners working on developing and implementing cutting edge learning technologies (NSF calls it “cyberlearning“).  If you are interested in […]