Cyberlearning 2016 Conference

I will be attending Cyberlearning 2016: Designing for Deeper, Broader, and More Equitable Learning conference in Arlington, VA on Jan 25-26, 2016.   This event brings together a community of researchers and practitioners working on developing and implementing cutting edge learning technologies (NSF calls it “cyberlearning“).  If you are interested in seeing what the next generation of learning technology coming out of the top research labs looks like, this is the event to be at.

I’m on the Program Committee this year and also facilitating one of the working sessions (Theme 4: How can we integrate contributions from multiple research projects for broader impact?).   We have a great set of table facilitators leading some very compelling discussion topics. I hope you can participate.  Let me know if you are also planning on attending.  If not, follow the @CIRCLCenter twitter feed (or conference hashtag)

I will also say, the conference organizers and program committee have done a great job making this event highly interactive – not just your typical conference.  I hope you will agree that these efforts have been worthwhile once you see the results.